There’s lots happening this weekend!

We’re looking for some volunteer help with a few activities this weekend — get your volunteer hours in before the season even starts!! :

— Moving gear to our new storage locker — more info at our volunteer page here

— Try Lacrosse / Bring a Friend Days are starting on Sunday @ Hastings Community Centre @ 2:15pm — we’re looking for a few more parents to help out mostly with meeting and greeting new players/parents — more info here.  Don’t forget our recruitment promo is still active, returning players get 50 bucks if you recruit a friend to play!

We also have the Warriors playing tomorrow Jan 12th @ 7pm — use our promo code VANML for some super cheap tickets – I think it works out to about $15 — link here

Finally check out and like our facebook page for more Try Lacrosse / Bring a Friend days and other events throughout the preseason January to March.