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Since its very beginning VMLA has been fortunate to have many great volunteers step up to fill key positions within the association, from board members, coaches, team managers to equipment managers, timekeepers, raffle table attendants, and pancake masters.

VMLA needs your help every lacrosse season. VMLA parents are invited to offer their expertise, time, and energy to enhance the experience of all our Vancouver youth taking part in the great Canadian game of lacrosse. VMLA is largely supported and enabled by the community itself, relying heavily on volunteers and only minimally on government support and fundraising. It is for this reason that each family is asked to contribute 6 hours of volunteer time per season.

We have many small tasks that we need help with - they are listed in the below volunteer signup lists and are updated frequently:

2019/2020 Field Lacrosse volunteer positions will be posted starting in August

2020 Box Lacrosse key volunteer opportunities will be posted in early January 2020

We also have other key roles that we need filled - these roles are really pivotal for VMLA and make a large impact on the organization and the kids. Please take a look below for our most needed volunteer opportunities:

Most Needed VMLA Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Coaches and Assistant Coaches - We have an urgent need for Coaches and Assistant Coaches for all age groups. *** No Experience Necessary*** but if you do have some Lacrosse experience please let us know so we can slot you in appropriately! Contact us via the form below

If you're interested in any of the above roles, OR if you have a special talent that you'd be willing to share, please contact the VMLA volunteer coordinator using the form below!

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