Want to Try Lacrosse?

Try Lacrosse is done for the 2024 season - thanks so much for your participation!!

Our Try Lacrosse sessions have concluded for this season - our coaches need to get ready for our regular season. Stay tuned for more Try Lacrosse sessions in late 2024 / early 2025

There will be no contact between players so players will only need to wear a helmet with cage, jock/jill and gloves. If you have these items from hockey, they will work just fine for trying lacrosse. If you don't have gear, don't worry, we have lots of spare gear you can borrow! We will also provide sticks for practice.

When you arrive, just introduce yourself to one of the coaches or volunteers and we will get your child set up to play!

Registered VMLA players you're welcome to come as well especially if you're bringing a friend to try lacrosse, but you don't need to sign up.

See you soon!