Get your friends in to lacrosse!

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Folks - We have a lot of momentum this year with professional lacrosse (Vancouver Warriors ) coming back to Rogers arena! In conjunction with the Warriors, we are going to be driving a school program targeted at the elementary age group at select Vancouver Schools. All of this is to increase awareness of the game of Lacrosse and to get kids interested in playing the game.

So, we are trying something new this year: Returning players: recruit a friend who is new to lacrosse and you will receive $50. Of course there are conditions (below) but basically we want to reward you for getting your friends interested in Lacrosse and in to the game!



  1. Recruit must be a NEW player (ie. never played lacrosse before anywhere) and must register, pay and play the season to be considered an "eligible player" for the purposes of this program.
  2. You/your child must also be registered and playing in 2019 box lacrosse with VMLA.
  3. Additionally, you must get them to enter your name in the player information comments section of their registration in order for YOU to be considered as their recruitment source (it's on the first page of the registration!). It can be a parent or player's name, as long as we can tie it back to you.
  4. You will receive $50 per eligible player - our registrar will contact you via email on or around June 30th 2019 to etransfer your $$.
  5. At this time there is NO LIMIT to the number of legitimate NEW players you can recruit
  6. Disclaimer: VMLA reserves the right to modify, limit or cancel this program at any time without notice. Our goal is to get more kids into the game and, as such, we reserve the right to refuse payment for any action that manipulates this program away from our stated goal or for any other reason.
  7. questions? contact us below!
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