2018 AGM Info Package

One of the items of business at the November AGM,  the membership will be voting on a new Constitution and By-Laws.  The BC Societies Act requires all societies in the province to transition to and file an updated Constitution and By-Laws by November 28, 2018. A year ago the Executive Board took the opportunity to update our By-Laws as a whole and set up a committee to review our and other minor Lacrosse Associations with an eye to encompass and provide guidance for situations not  in our current By-Laws.


The Members of the Board endorse the attached Constitution and By-Laws and  seek approval by special resolution at the AGM (as New Business).  You can view the Constitution and By Laws here.  At subsequent AGM’s the articles of the by-laws can be amended.


Link to proposed Constitution / Bylaws

Link to 2017 AGM Minutes