2017-07-20T07:14:53-07:00July 20 2017, at 07:14 AM PDT, Melody Kurt said:

Interesting lacrosse history.... about-the-indigenous-origins-of-lacrosse

2017-06-03T22:04:18-07:00June 03 2017, at 10:04 PM PDT, Melody Kurt said:

We are proud to announce Malia Terry & Kristen Branget will be on Team BC U19 Female & Jaiden Terry Team BC U16 Male at the NAIG games this summer. Follow their success and cheer them on through the games! Team BC lacrosse players for the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) held in Toronto, Ontario from July 16-23, 2017. american-indigenous-games/lacrosse/

2017-06-03T21:38:03-07:00June 03 2017, at 09:38 PM PDT, Melody Kurt said:

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and time spent helping with our Sid Dann tournament.
The kids had such a great time!
The tournament was a success and went so smoothly due to the collective team effort.

Ginette was the mastermind behind the tournament. The games went seamlessly over the weekend because they were so well organized, recorded and documented.
The teams loved her display of the results which were so well explained and laid out.
Ginette is the perfect coordinator of the coordinators!

Darren was the life of the tournament. The kids and the crowd so appreciated his goalie shoot out and the fastest shot competitions. Darren injected fun into the weekend, helping to make it a memorable one for everyone, not just the kids.

Melody was the muscle behind the tournament. Always there, ready to support and help when needed, a wealth of knowledge, a heart of gold.

Bonnie was the perfect coordinator for the raffle, 50/50, loonie stick and selling the apparel. Her vast experience in sales helped with keeping track of the times when money was being thrown left, right and centre at the raffle table.
Bonnie was able to keep an accurate account of all sales.

Thanks to Jennie, our 50/50 went from $140 to $250 within a very period of time. Looks and charm really do go a long way!!!!

Quinn helped boost the sale of the loonie stick by taking along his daughter and her friend. Who can no to 3 pairs of pleading eyes?

Erica did an amazing job with our goody bags. The T shirts looked just fab and the kids loved the contents of their bags!

Ashley and Tim did an amazing job controlling the overactive youngsters and maintaining the level of cool on 2 very hot days.

Eric did a sterling job with the volunteer sign up sheets. So well organized, effective and efficient!

Greg did a grand job with the schedule. Chilliwack were so appreciative because their scheduling worked so well for them considering that they lived the farthest away.

Jenn was able to contact Sid Dann's sister......who did show up to present the Sid Dann trophies. This was the icing on top of the tournament!

To all our score keepers and time keepers, a huge thank you. You all did an amazing job. This is an integral part of the game. 3 hour time blocks are hard in these roles. My hat totally goes off to you.

John, thank you for your help with time keeping and for your help with cleaning up. You made yourself available even though you didn't have a child playing or reffing in the tournament.

Mark and Darren, thank you for announcing. It is definitely something that I appreciate. The crowd really appreciated the updates.

To Leah, thanks so much for driving from Kits to Killarney on both days to bring us coffee, even though you don't have a child playing or reffing in the tournament.

Ceayon, thank you for your experience and expertise. We love that you choose to be the Sid Dann commissioner.

For all of VMLA, all of the baskets were outstanding. I am sure that it is a draw for our tournament. All of the teams loved and desired our baskets!

To our esteemed President.....
Thanks for your trust, faith and belief in us......that we could make it happen in our own way. You were always there to make a quick decision or to help when needed.