Message de gigi a propos d'etre un volontier

Posted by VMLA Box Lacrosse on Jul 21 2017 at 07:51PM PDT

2017 VMLA Volunteering and your $75.

Dear 2017 parents,
FYI, the VMLA Box season is not over yet. Our Midget Boys are still in the loop. They have just started to play in the Midget Provincial Championships in Langley. They won their first game yesterday. Go Vancouver Go! …and YES! Volunteering is still possible!
As the volunteer coordinator for VMLA, I have done my very best to keep track of the volunteering activities this 2017 Box Lacrosse season. Volunteering activities such as: SMB & Renfrew Spring cleaning, Photo Day, Sid Dann, WLA, coaches, assistant coaches, door personnel, team managers, time and score keepers, Ice & First Aid Kit attendants, jersey washers, party hosts, coordinators, VMLA board members, etc. Team managers have also helped and collaborated with me, to confirm volunteering activities within their own team.
Remember that a post-dated cheque of $75. was requested from each family at the start of the season. Since June 30th, most families that have been identified as being inactive, have already received a warning that their $75. was at risk of being cashed. It was done using the messaging system of e-Pact. This was a good opportunity to update the “volunteering activity check list”. With all the corrections done, most teams having wrap up their season, and having done an as detailed job as possible to identify who volunteered and who didn’t, we are now in the midst of processing the volunteer cheques that will be cashed. Following this communication today, July 21, to all 2017 VMLA families, another one will follow only for those who will see their $75. cheque being cashed. If you do not receive it, it means that your $75. cheque will be destroyed by our treasurer. If you receive it, it means BINGO your $75. cheque will be cashed.
If you have volunteered but would like to donate your $75. to the association, please let us know ASAP. That would be very much appreciated and helpful. You will also be acknowledged for this nice action.
With this new potential fund, it looks as it could partly pay for the purchasing of at least one new set of jerseys. So, the money will be used wisely. You should know that a set of 30 jerseys costs approximately $2000.
This season, many of you helped with small tasks within your child’s team or at special VMLA events, etc. VMLA certainly appreciated all your help. However, there are still too few of us doing too many key tasks. To all of you who took time, in a big or small way, to volunteer and get involved, THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH. I hope more of you will consider VOLUNTEERING for KEY ROLE next season. For more info on the various tasks, check the volunteer tab on VMLA website. Or, send a jingle to Gigi your volunteer coordinator and our fantastic Monsieur le VMLA President: Michael Hagel. We can discuss all possibilities.
I hope this process has been transparent and fair for all of you. If you have any concerns or questions, please let myself and Michael know.
Pardon my English!
Have a wonderful summer! Hope to see many of you during the 2017-18 Field LAX season.

Gigi St-Arnaud
VMLA Volunteer Coordinator VMLA e-Pact Administrator VMLA Jersey Manager 2017 Mini-Tyke IL Commissioner