Lax-4-Life Cancer Research Fundraiser

Posted by VMLA Box Lacrosse on Mar 27 2017 at 07:45PM PDT

Delta Lacrosse is pleased and excited to announce that we will hold our 6th Annual Lax4Life Fundraiser on April 8th 2017, at the Ladner Leisure Center. Lax-4-Life is a 12 hour lacrosse game that runs from 8am-8pm. The players are rotated so that they don’t become tired. We are very proud that after only 2 ‘games’ our players (mostly children aged 8-18) have been able to raise almost $40 000 for the Canadian Cancer Society. Our players are from Tsawwassen, North Delta and Ladner areas and we also invite members from other areas, including Surrey, Richmond and Washington USA.

Hey Lacrosse Fans ~ Delta and beyond!

We are now ready to start letting people register with us for Lax-4-Life Delta which will be taking place on April 8 2017 from 8:00AM until 8:00PM.
More details on the actual event/day can be found below. The 12 hour game will be held at LLC and registration forms can be found on the DLA Website. We are also ready for players/registrants to create their web pages to start collecting donations/sponsors and/or use the attached sheet (on Registration form) for collection. Remember, using the online system will provide those making donations to get their receipts right away. If you need help creating an online donation page, please let us know and we’ll help or find someone who can.
We have concerns with the number of participants and are therefore indicating that registrations may need to be capped this year; first come first serve, so make sure to register ASAP.

There are also two different fees to register; $30 prior to March 22 and $60 after March 22 (payable to LAX4LIFE and are non-refundable).
For those of you that didn’t participate last year the entire proceeds from this event are donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. Last year we raised over $11000! Let’s see if we can beat that this year!
Remember also that we NEED your HELP on this day! Please let us know how long you’ll be able to assist with some of the volunteer duties so that everyone can enjoy the on floor event
Send an email to or to let us know when you can help.
Look forward to seeing you there

A 12 hour lacrosse game
and fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society
Delta Lacrosse is hosting this event at LLC on April 8, 2017 from 8.00am until 8.00pm.
Please note these important details:
You WILL NOT be required to play the full 12 hours straight. Players and ‘teams’ are rotated on and off the floor all day long. If you can only be there a part of the day, please make a note on your registration form with the infoParticipants aged 14 (Bantam and below) and under will require an adult chaperone (is not required to be their own parent)
All Participants (Registered and non) MUST be BCLA Carded/Registered players for the 2017 Season
Non Contact rules will be used for the entire 12 hour game

  • ANY Fighting (play or real) WILL result in the immediate removal of those involved from the balance of the event and no refunds will be issued.
    Participants will be assigned to one of two teams (home or away) and yes, we make every effort to allow friends/family to play together
    Teams will be mixed in ages. Once we know which ages of players we have, we group teams together based on this.
    Full gear for all goalies
    All players Midget and below must wear all protective equipment including mouth guards.
    ALL Participants including INT and above will be required to wear a helmet and mouth guard, although we are recommending that they wear any other protective equipment that may be available.
    Participant fee will be $30 prior to March 22 and $60 after this date. Pre-registered participants will receive a t-shirt and food/refreshments. Registered participants are being asked to try to raise a minimum of $100 in pledges/donations.
    All other players are welcome to attend, but will not receive the t-shirt and will have to purchase food/refreshments that will be made available for sale.
    There will be prizes for those players that raise the most amount of money.
    Participants need not be from Delta, but if playing in another Association must supply a pink copy of their BCLA Registrations certificate or a letter from their Home Association.

Participants will be asked to bring;
A water bottle – we’re looking to minimize our footprint and will attempt to go bottle-free.
A sleeping bag or lawn chair– they can grab a piece of floor if they are tired.

Officials ~ we are asking for officials to donate their time and help to keep things moving and are looking to save costs – perhaps an excellent training opportunity to train officials.
Volunteers are needed for Registration, Jerseys, Score & Time, Food, Benches, etc

Schedules will be drawn up first and emailed to those people that pre-register prior to March 22.
For those people that register after March 22, every effort will be made to include you in the first schedules.
If there is an opportunity to register the day of the event you will be included as spots are available.