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Box 2018 Tentative Season Schedule:

  • January 1-February 1: Early Bird Registration All ages
  • February 2-March 5: Regular Registration
  • March 6 and after:  Late Registration
  • February 24-25:  First day of assessments at South Memorial Outdoor Box
  • April 9:  League Games Begin!
  • Team BC Camp hosted by VMLA @ Killarney Arena Sunday April 22; PeeWee 10-1 pm; Bantam 1-4 pm
  • May 11 WLA Game at Kitsilano Arena
  • May 12 Photo Day at Kitsilano Arena
  • May 7-12 Tiering Break.  NO Games
  • May 26 & 27   Sid Dann Peewee Tournament hosted by VMLA at Killarney arena


Equipment Checklist:

  • CSA approved helmet with CSA approved face mask *
  • Mouthguard
  • Shoulder pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Slash guards
  • Rib guards
  • Jock or Jill Protector Cup
  • Lacrosse Stick


*Helmets and Facemasks

There are three helmet options for a Lacrosse player to use:

  1. Field Lacrosse Helmet NOCSAE approved;
  2. CSA approved Hockey Helmet and CSA approved Hockey face mask Combo;
  3. CSA approved Hockey Helmet and CSA approved Lacrosse facemask Combo

There are currently five CSA approved facemasks for lacrosse:

  1. Under Armour Model UA V96 (in size Jr & Sr)
  2. Under Armour CLA Mask (in size Jr & Sr)
  3. Marty O’Neill MX-13 Senior & Youth
  4. OTNY Junior & Senior mask
  5. Gait G7 Senior & Junior

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